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  • on someone's wheel
    close behind someone when they are driving or cycling 緊跟某人車后
  • on wheels
    by, or travelling by, car or bicycle (開車,騎車)旅行 (Brit. informal)used to emphasize one's distaste or dislike of the person or thing mentioned (英,非正式)(用于強調厭惡某人)該死的
  • silly as a wheel
    (Austral.)very silly (澳)極其愚蠢的,笨的
  • wheel and deal
    engage in commercial or political scheming, especially unscrupulously (在商界或政界)耍手腕,玩弄計謀,操縱
  • the wheel of Fortune
    the wheel which the deity Fortune is fabled to turn as a symbol of random luck or change (象征人生浮沉的)命運轉盤;人生的變遷
  • wheels within wheels
    used to indicate that a situation is complicated and affected by secret or indirect influences 錯綜復雜的情況
  • at the wheel 或 behind the wheel
    Operating the steering mechanism of a vehicle; driving. 在駕駛:操縱機動車輛的機械裝置;在駕駛 Directing or controlling; in charge. 指導或控制;掌管
  • wheel and deal【非正式用語】
    To engage in the advancement of one's own interests, especially in a canny, aggressive, or unscrupulous way. 獨斷專行:為自己謀取利益,尤其是采用狡詐、挑釁好斗或肆無忌憚的方式
    The wheels of a vehicle are the circular objects which are fixed underneath it and which enable it to move along the ground.
    The car wheels spun and slipped on some oil on the road. 路面上有些油,汽車車輪經過時直打滑。
    A wheel is a circular object which forms a part of a machine, usually a moving part.
    ...an eighteenth century mill with a water wheel. 一個帶有水輪的18世紀磨粉機
    The wheel of a car or other vehicle is the circular object that is used to steer it. The wheel is used in expressions to talk about who is driving a vehicle. For example, if someone is at the wheel of a car, they are driving it.
    My co-pilot suddenly grabbed the wheel... 我的副駕駛突然抓住了方向盤。 Curtis got behind the wheel and they started back toward the cottage... 由柯蒂斯開車,他們啟程返回小屋。
    People sometimes refer to a car as wheels .
    'Do you own a house?' — 'No. But I have wheels.' “你有房嗎?”——“沒有,但我有車。”
  • VERB
    If you wheel an object that has wheels somewhere, you push it along.
    He wheeled his bike into the alley at the side of the house... 他把自行車推進了房子旁的小巷中。 They wheeled her out on the stretcher. 他們用擔架床把她推了出去。
  • VERB
    If something such as a group of animals or birds wheels, it moves in a circle.
    A flock of crows wheeled overhead. 一群烏鴉在頭頂上盤旋。
  • VERB
    If you wheel around, you turn around suddenly where you are standing, often because you are surprised, shocked, or angry.
    He wheeled around to face her... 他突然轉過身來面對她。 She wheeled sharply and headed for the check-out counter. 她突然轉身,朝收銀臺走去。
  • N-SING
    You use wheel in expressions such as the wheel of fortune to refer to the changes that take place in life, especially when you are referring to the fact that the same situations occur more than once.
    The wheel of fortune will swing round again; in politics, it always does... 風水會輪流轉;在政治上,它總是如此。 In his view the wheel of history could not be turned back. 在他看來歷史的車輪不能倒退。
    People talk about the wheels of an organization or system to mean the way in which it operates.
    He knows the wheels of administration turn slowly. 他知道行政機關辦事效率低。
    If you say that there are wheels within wheels, you mean that there are a number of different influences, reasons, and actions which together make a situation complicated and difficult to understand.
    Our culture is more complex than he knows. Wheels within wheels. 我們的文化比他所知道的要復雜得多,相當龐雜。
  • n.
    輪子, 車輪, 機輪
    A wheel revolves round its axis. 輪子是繞軸旋轉的。
    方向盤, 舵輪
    I'm rather tired; will you take the wheel? 我有點累, 你來替我駕駛好嗎?
    旋轉, 旋轉運動
    Platoon, right wheel! 全排向右轉!
  • vi.
    轉動, 旋轉, 打轉, 盤旋
    He wheeled and faced his opponent squarely. 他轉過身來面對著他的對手。 The sails of the windmill were wheeling round. 風車的翼轉個不停。
  • vt.
    推, 拉(車), 推(或拉)有輪之物
    I shall be glad when she wheels the old man away. 等她把那個老人推走我就高興了。
  • Noun
    1. a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)
    2. a handwheel that is used for steering
    3. a circular helm to control the rudder of a vessel
    4. game equipment consisting of a rotating wheel with slots that is used for gambling; players bet on which slot the roulette ball will stop in
    5. an instrument of torture that stretches or disjoints or mutilates victims
    6. a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals
  • Verb
    1. change directions as if revolving on a pivot;
    "They wheeled their horses around and left"
    2. wheel somebody or something
    3. move along on or as if on wheels or a wheeled vehicle;
    "The President's convoy rolled past the crowds"
    4. ride a bicycle
  • 體育: 向反手方向轉體;摟抱回旋;全旋;杖環;
    動物學: 輪形體;
    醫學: 輪:可環繞中心軸旋轉的圓形框架或圓盤;一種圓形的、由傳動裝置帶動的、厚度一致或呈刀口的牙科切磨器械;
    土木工程: 輪軌關系;wheel-rail interaction;
    航空: 機輪;航空器在地面運動時,能支撐航空器并在地面高速滾動的裝置。;
    鐵道: 車輪;