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  • adv.
  • then的反義詞之:其他釋義
  • but then (again)
    after all; on the other hand (introducing a contrasting comment) 另一方面,然而
  • then and there
    immediately 當場,立即
  • and then some【非正式用語】
    With considerably more in addition 而且遠不止此
  • ADV
    Then means at a particular time in the past or in the future.
    He wanted to have a source of income after his retirement; until then, he wouldn't require additional money... 他想退休后有份收入;在那以前,他并不需要額外的錢。 The clinic opened for business last October and since then has treated more than 200 people. 該診所去年 10 月開業,從那以后已經接診 200 多人。
  • ADJ
    Then is used when you refer to something which was true at a particular time in the past but is not true now.
    ...the Race Relations Act of 1976 (enacted by the then Labour Government)... 1976 年的《種族關系法》(由當時的工黨政府頒布施行) He was known by many for his role in the then record-breaking robbery of the mail train from Glasgow to London in August 1963. 他曾因參與 1963 年 8 月那起發生在從格拉斯哥開往倫敦的郵政列車上的特大搶劫案而惡名昭著。
  • ADV
    You use then to say that one thing happens after another, or is after another on a list.
    Add the oil and then the scallops to the pan, leaving a little space for the garlic... 先在鍋里放油,然后放入扇貝,留點地方擱蒜。 I felt myself blush. Then I sniffed back a tear... 我覺得自己的臉紅了,接著我吸吸鼻子,不讓眼淚掉下來。
  • ADV
    You use then in conversation to indicate that what you are about to say follows logically in some way from what has just been said or implied.
    'I wasn't a very good scholar at school.' — 'What did you like doing best then?'... “我在學校時成績不大好。”——“那么你當時最喜歡做什么呢?” You're not gonna tell me, are you? Do I have to guess, then?... 你不打算告訴我,是吧?那么,我只好猜猜了?
  • ADV
    You use then at the end of a topic or at the end of a conversation.
    'I can meet you after work. Six o'clock?'— 'Fine.' — 'Six o'clock, then?'... “我下班后可以和你碰面。6 點可以嗎?”——“行啊。”——“那就定 6 點啦?” He stood up. 'That's settled then.'... 他站起身說,“就這么定了。”
  • ADV
    (和 now,well,okay 等連用,引出新話題或新觀點)
    You use then with words like 'now', 'well', and 'okay', to introduce a new topic or a new point of view.
    Now then, you say you walk on the fields out the back? 那么,你說你在后面的田地里散步? Well then, I'll put the kettle on and make us some tea... 好吧,我來燒壺水,我們沏點茶喝。
  • ADV
    You use then to introduce a summary of what you have said or the conclusions that you are drawing from it.
    This, then, was the music that appeared to dominate the world of serious concert music in the mid-1960s... 這就是 20 世紀 60 年代中期嚴肅的管弦樂中的主流音樂。 By 1931, then, France alone in Europe was a country of massive immigration. 也就是說,到 1931 年的時候,法國是歐洲唯一一個擁有大量移民的國家。
  • ADV
    You use then to introduce the second part of a sentence which begins with 'if'. The first part of the sentence describes a possible situation, and then introduces the result of the situation.
    If the answer is 'yes', then we must decide on an appropriate course of action... 如果答案是肯定的,那么我們必須商定合適的行動方案。
  • ADV
    畢竟,話說回來,而且(用于句首,或用于 and,but 之后引出對之前所說話的評論或補充)
    You use then at the beginning of a sentence or after 'and' or 'but' to introduce a comment or an extra piece of information to what you have already said.
    We have to do quite a bit of reading, and then we have our ongoing work which would be an essay... 我們要進行大量閱讀,而且手頭有一篇論文要寫。 He sounded sincere, but then, he always did. 他聽起來很真誠,可是話說回來,他向來如此。
  • adv.
    當時, 那時
    I was travelling in Europe then. 那時我正在歐洲旅行。
    接著, 于是, 然后,其后,后來
    We had dinner together, and then went to the concert. 我們一起進晚餐, 然后去參加音樂會。 Then came the day of his examination. 接著到了他考試的日子。
    還有, 而且,另外,再者
    Then there is Mr. Smith. 還有史密斯先生。
    那么; 因此;既然如此
    You say you don't want to call a doctor.Then what do you want to do? 你說你不想請醫生, 那么你想怎么辦?
  • Noun
    1. that time; that moment;
    "we will arrive before then""we were friends from then on"
  • Adjective
    1. at a specific prior time;
    "the then president"
  • Adverb
    1. subsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors);
    "then he left""go left first, then right""first came lightning, then thunder""we watched the late movie and then went to bed""and so home and to bed"
    2. in that case or as a consequence;
    "if he didn't take it, then who did?""keep it then if you want to""the case, then, is closed""you've made up your mind then?""then you'll be rich"
    3. at that time;
    "I was young then""prices were lower back then""science as it was then taught"
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