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[r??me?n] [r??men]
  • 第三人稱單數:remains;
  • 過去式:remained;
  • 過去分詞:remained;
  • 現在分詞:remaining;
  • 例句
    • 以下這些動詞均有"停留,逗留" 的意思
    • remain to be seen
      used to express the notion that something is not yet known or certain 尚待見分曉
      But functioning fireplaces remain to this day a powerful selling point in a house or apartment.
      The latest congressional report acknowledges the critical importance of technical training, but also asserts that the study of the humanities (人文學科)and social sciences must remain central components of America's educational system at all levels
      And so the old technology remains as a backup.
      But the consumer sentiment index remains weak, and all the rebound has occurred in Americans' evaluation of future economic conditions, not the present.
      Its informal conversational style would make interaction comfortable, and yet the machine would remain slightly unpredictable and therefore interesting.
      If the time for heel-dragging has been shortened, the true source of the anxiety and panic remains what it has always been.
    • V-LINK
      If someone or something remains in a particular state or condition, they stay in that state or condition and do not change.
      The three men remained silent... 這3個人保持著沉默。 The situation remains tense... 形勢持續緊張。
    • VERB
      If you remain in a place, you stay there and do not move away.
      He will have to remain in hospital for at least 10 days... 他至少得在醫院里呆10天。 From time to time, James remained at home with his family. 詹姆斯偶爾留在家里陪家人。
    • VERB
      You can say that something remains when it still exists.
      Many of the differences in everyday life remain... 日常生活中的許多差異仍然存在。 The wider problem remains... 更普遍的問題仍未解決。
    • V-LINK
      If something remains to be done, it has not yet been done and still needs to be done.
      Major questions remain to be answered about his work... 關于他工作的許多重要問題仍然懸而未決。 Huge amounts of weapons remain to be collected. 大量的武器仍有待收繳。
    • N-PLURAL
      The remains of something are the parts of it that are left after most of it has been taken away or destroyed.
      They were tidying up the remains of their picnic. 他們正在收拾野餐后剩下的東西。 ...the charred remains of a tank. 燒焦的坦克殘骸
    • N-PLURAL
      The remains of a person or animal are the parts of their body that are left after they have died, sometimes after they have been dead for a long time.
      The unrecognizable remains of a man had been found... 一具無法辨認的男性尸體被發現了。 More human remains have been unearthed in the north of the country. 在該國北部挖出了更多的人類遺骨。
    • N-PLURAL
      Historical remains are things that have been found from an earlier period of history, usually buried in the ground, for example parts of buildings and pieces of pottery.
      There are Roman remains all around us. 我們周圍都是古羅馬的遺跡。
    • V-LINK
      You can use remain in expressions such as the fact remains that or the question remains whether to introduce and emphasize something that you want to talk about.
      The fact remains that inflation is unacceptably high... 事實是通貨膨脹率仍高得離譜。 The question remains whether he was fully aware of the claims. 問題是他是否完全意識到了這些要求。
    • PHRASE
      If you say that it remains to be seen whether something will happen, you mean that nobody knows whether it will happen.
      It remains to be seen whether her parliamentary colleagues will agree. 她的國會同僚是否同意,現在還無從知曉。
    • n.
      剩余物; 殘余
      The remains of the meal were[was]fed to the dog. 剩飯喂狗了。
      殘骸; 遺體
      His mortal remains are buried in the churchyard. 他的遺體埋葬在教堂的墓地里。
      遺跡, 遺址, 廢墟
      Here is the remains of a temple. 這里是一所寺院的廢墟。
    • vi.
      留下, 逗留
      They remained there all through the year. 他們在那里一直待到了年底。 I remained six days in London. 我在倫敦逗留了六天。 He'll remain to accompany you. 他將留下來陪你。
      剩下, 余留
      Though the sore being healed, yet a scar may remain. 傷口雖然痊愈, 卻可能留下傷疤。 There remained in the village only women and children. 村子里只剩下婦女和兒童了。
      You can't let the room remain like this. 你不能把房間老是弄成這樣。 That remains to be proved. 這尚待證實。
      I haven't seen them for ten years. They remain as they were. 我十年沒見他們了,他們還是從前那樣。
      The honour remained with our motherland. 光榮屬于我們的祖國。
    • vi.
      仍然是, 依舊是
      The decision remains with the Government. 決定權在于政府。 The fact remains that we are still lagging behind the other classes in maths. 事實是我們在數學方面仍然比別的班落后。 Peter has become a judge but John remains a fisherman. 彼得當了法官, 但約翰仍是個漁民。 He remained firm in the face of the enemy. 他在敵人面前始終很堅定。 When I got back home, he remained listening to the radio. 我回到家的時候, 他還在聽收音機。 Let things remain as they have been in the past. 讓事情照舊吧!
    • Verb
      1. stay the same; remain in a certain state;
      "The dress remained wet after repeated attempts to dry it""rest assured""stay alone""He remained unmoved by her tears""The bad weather continued for another week"
      2. continue in a place, position, or situation;
      "After graduation, she stayed on in Cambridge as a student adviser""Stay with me, please""despite student protests, he remained Dean for another year""She continued as deputy mayor for another year"
      3. be left; of persons, questions, problems, results, evidence, etc.;
      "There remains the question of who pulled the trigger""Carter remains the only President in recent history under whose Presidency the U.S. did not fight a war"
      4. stay behind;
      "The smell stayed in the room""The hostility remained long after they made up"
    • 體育: 逼位;