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[?f] [?f]
  • 過去式:offed;
  • 過去分詞:offed;
  • 現在分詞:offing;
  • 第三人稱單數:offs;
  • 例句
    • prep.
    • off的反義詞之:其他釋義
    • off and on
      intermittently; now and then 間歇地;偶爾
    • PREP
      If something is taken off something else or moves off it, it is no longer touching that thing.
      He took his feet off the desk... 他把腳從桌上移開。 I took the key for the room off a rack above her head... 我從她頭上方的架子上拿走了房門鑰匙。
    • PREP
      When you get off a bus, train, or plane, you come out of it or leave it after you have been travelling on it.
      Don't try to get on or off a moving train!... 火車運行時請勿上下車! As he stepped off the aeroplane, he was shot dead. 他一走下飛機便中槍身亡。
    • PREP
      If you keep off a street or piece of land, you do not step on it or go there.
      Locking up men does nothing more than keep them off the streets... 把這些人關起來只是做到了不讓他們上街而已。 The local police had warned visitors to keep off the beach at night. 當地警方告誡游客不要在夜間去海灘。
    • PREP
      If something is situated off a place such as a coast, room, or road, it is near to it or next to it, but not exactly in it.
      The boat was anchored off the northern coast of the peninsula... 這艘船停泊在離該半島北部海岸不遠的地方。 Lily lives in a penthouse just off Park Avenue... 莉莉住在公園大道附近的一套頂層豪華公寓里。
    • ADV
      If you go off, you leave a place.
      He was just about to drive off when the secretary came running out... 他正打算駕車離開,這時秘書跑了出來。 She gave a hurried wave and set off across the grass... 她匆匆地揮了揮手便穿過草地離開了。
    • ADV
      Off is used in a number of informal and sometimes offensive phrasal verbs, such as buzz off ,clear off, or in British English bugger off, which are used to tell someone angrily to go away.
    • ADV
      When you take off clothing or jewellery that you are wearing, you remove it from your body.
      He took off his spectacles and rubbed frantically at the lens... 他摘下眼鏡,瘋狂地擦著鏡片。 He hastily stripped off his old uniform and began pulling on the new one. 他匆匆地脫下舊制服,開始穿上新的那件。
    • ADV
      If you have time off or a particular day off, you do not go to work or school, for example because you are ill or it is a day when you do not usually work.
      The rest of the men had the day off... 其他人這天沒上班。 You can even snatch a few hours off, and perhaps negotiate the occasional night off too... 你甚至可以抽空休息幾小時,商量一下的話沒準還能偶爾不用上晚班。
    • PREP
      If you keep off a subject, you deliberately avoid talking about it.
      Keep off the subject of politics... 勿談政治。 Keep the conversation off linguistic matters. 避談語言學問題。
    • ADV
      If something such as an agreement or a sporting event is off, it is cancelled.
      Until Pointon is completely happy, however, the deal's off... 但是,在波因頓完全滿意之前,這一協議不再作數。 The vacant W.B.C. junior-lightweight title has been called off... 空缺的世界拳擊理事會次輕量級頭銜被取消了。
    • PREP
      If someone is off something harmful such as a drug, they have stopped taking or using it.
      She felt better and the psychiatrist took her off drug therapy... 她感覺好些了,那位精神科醫生讓她停止了藥物治療。 Most pregnant women remain off cigarettes while carrying the child. 大多數孕婦都在孕期戒了煙。
    • PREP
      If you are off something, you have stopped liking it.
      I'm off coffee at the moment... 我眼下不再嗜咖啡了。 Diarrhoea can make you feel weak, as well as putting you off your food. 腹瀉會讓人感到乏力,而且沒有胃口。
    • ADV
      When something such as a machine or electric light is off, it is not functioning or in use. When you switch it off, you stop it functioning.
      As he pulled into the driveway, he saw her bedroom light was off... 當他把車開進車道時,他看到她臥室的燈已經熄了。 We used sail power and turned the engine off to save our fuel... 我們借助風帆的動力航行,且關掉了發動機以節省燃油。
    • PREP
      If there is money off something, its price is reduced by the amount specified.
      ...Simons Leatherwear, 37 Old Christchurch Road. 20 per cent off all jackets this Saturday. 本周六老基督堂路37號的西蒙斯皮衣店所有夾克降價20%。 ...discounts offering thousands of pounds off the normal price of a car. 比平時車價低幾千英鎊的折扣
    • ADV
      If something is a long way off, it is a long distance away from you.
      Florida was a long way off... 佛羅里達離這兒很遠。 ...animals that from a long way off look like flies... 遠看像蒼蠅的動物
    • ADV
      If something is a long time off, it will not happen for a long time.
      An end to the crisis seems a long way off... 這場危機看來遠未結束。 The required technology is probably still two years off. 所需技術可能還要兩年才能開發出來。
    • PREP
      If you get something off someone, you obtain it from them.
      I don't really get a lot of information, and if I do I get it off Mark... 我得到的信息其實不多,即使有也是馬克告訴我的。 I can't find the boys' shampoo. I can't think where I put it when I took it off them... 我找不到那幫家伙的洗發水了,從他們那里拿來后我就忘了擱在什么地方。
      Off combines with adverbs such as 'well', 'badly', and 'worse' to form adjectives that indicate how poor or rich someone is.
      Most of these people aren't very well off... 這些人大都不算太富裕。 Surely you can't be that badly off?... 你肯定沒那么窮吧?
      If food has gone off, it tastes and smells bad because it is no longer fresh enough to be eaten.
      Don't eat that! It's mouldy. It's gone off! 別吃那個!它已經發霉變質了!
    • PREP
      If you live off a particular kind of food, you eat it in order to live. If you live off a particular source of money, you use it to live.
      Her husband's memories are of living off roast chicken and drinking whisky... 她丈夫只記得過去吃烤雞、喝威士忌的日子。 Antony had been living off the sale of his own paintings. 安東尼一直靠賣自己的畫為生。
    • PREP
      If a machine runs off a particular kind of fuel or power, it uses that power in order to function.
      The Auto Compact Disc Cleaner can run off batteries or mains. 這種光盤自動清洗機可用電池或電源兩種方式驅動。
      If you say that someone's behaviour is a bit off, you mean that you find it unacceptable or wrong.
      ...coming home with make-up all over his clothes — it's a bit off isn't it... 衣服上到處沾著化妝品回到家——他這樣有點過分了,是不是。 Some of the dialogue is slightly off. 部分對話有些不太得體。
    • PHRASE
      If something happens on and off, or off and on, it happens occasionally, or only for part of a period of time, not in a regular or continuous way.
      I was still working on and off as a waitress to support myself... 我為了糊口仍然間或去做服務員。 We lived together, off and on, for two years. 我們斷斷續續在一起生活了兩年。
    • prep.
      (表示位置)在…的外面, 在…的沿海
      The boat anchored off the fort. 那艘船停在堡壘外面。 The ship sank off the south coast of the island. 那艘船在島的南岸沿海沉沒。
      It is a few minutes off three o'clock. 還有幾分鐘就三點了。
      (表示方向)從…, 通向, 偏離, 從…離開
      He fell off the ladder. 他從梯子上掉下來。 The kitchen's off the dining room. 廚房通向餐廳。 We are going off the subject. 我們正偏離正題。 He was off his seat. 他離開他的位子。
      (表示比較)低于, 不及
      They are selling the bikes off the market price. 他們按低于市價賣出自行車。
      He is off tea. 他不想喝茶。 She's off work with a bad cold. 她因患重感冒而不上班。
      He borrowed a pound off me. 他借我一英鎊。
      This bear feeds off the leaves of the tree. 這只熊依靠這棵樹的樹葉生存。
    • adv.
      They drove off. 他們開車離開了。
      He's had his beard shaved off. 他把胡子剃掉了。
      The radio is off. 錄音機是關著的。
      光, 完
      His money was off yesterday. 昨天他的錢用完了。
      We are off one day. 我們休息一天。
    • adj.
      休息的; 閑散的; 安靜的
      The winter is an off season. 冬天是淡季。
      This fish has gone off. 這條魚已不新鮮。
    • Adjective
      1. not in operation or operational;
      "the oven is off""the lights are off"
      2. below a satisfactory level;
      "an off year for tennis""his performance was off"
      3. (of events) no longer planned or scheduled;
      "the wedding is definitely off"
      4. in an unpalatable state;
      "sour milk"
      5. not performing or scheduled for duties;
      "He's off every Tuesday""he was off duty when it happened""an off-duty policeman"
    • Adverb
      1. from a particular thing or place or position (`forth' is obsolete);
      "ran away from the lion""wanted to get away from there""sent the children away to boarding school""the teacher waved the children away from the dead animal""went off to school""they drove off""go forth and preach"
      2. at a distance in space or time;
      "the boat was 5 miles off (or away)""the party is still 2 weeks off (or away)""away back in the 18th century"
      3. no longer on or in contact or attached;
      "clean off the dirt""he shaved off his mustache"
    • 體育: 出界;
      大氣科學: 離岸風;off-shore wind 沿岸地區, 由陸地吹向水域的風。;
      物理學: 離軸全息術: off-axis holography;軸外象差: off-axis aberration: 離軸橢球面鏡: off-axis ellipsoidal mirror;偏軸角: off-axis angle;離線分析: off-line analysis;非對角元: off-diagonal element;[偏]離共振加熱: off-resonant heating;
      電力: 離線安全評估;off-line security assessment;場外應急計劃;off-site emergency plan;
      電子學: 斷;